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May 13, 2021

Kelowna, BC – Building on the wild success of the original Broken Ladder Apples series of cans first launched in April 2015, BC Tree Fruits Cider Co., a division of BC Tree Fruits Cooperative, has transitioned their award-winning ciders into 500ml bottles.  Following the success of those first apple cans and the other flavors that followed, it was a natural step to launch these exciting ciders into bottles using 100% Okanagan grown fruit.

After months of careful research, we are excited to deliver these bottles to consumers. With longer shelf life and increased level of carbonation that bottling allows, consumers can expect a brighter, livelier pallet with a greater expression of fresh fruit forward notes that Broken Ladder has become known for.  The new clear bottles allow us to showcase the bright natural hue of Plum Basil and Rosé blends.

Craft cider continues to be one of the fastest growing categories in the beverage sector. Our premium ciders are refreshing in taste; naturally gluten-free, fresh pressed with no water added and no artificial flavoring.

“The Apples” is an award winning champion craft cider. It displays a crystal clear brilliant pale colour, aromas of orchard fresh apples, toasted almonds, and hay.  It has an intensely clean crisp taste, light to medium body and with a polished look for a rustic, offbeat cider that has visual appeal.

The Rosé is a sparkling pink cider offering the most inviting blend of plums and local apples which compliments all situations, from patios to picnics, or the quintessential hot and sunny Okanagan days.

The Plum Basil, a fan favorite and a must try, is a blend of the ripest Okanagan plums and apples, finished with the infusion of fresh basil.  Find it on tap at local restaurants or at our Cidery where it has gained wild popularity and has driven the demand to be among the first local cider in bottles. The bottle release for Plum Basil will be mid-June, 2021.

Broken Ladder Rose Bottles will be available at select liquor stores and our Cidery tasting bar located at 880 Vaughan Ave, Kelowna BC while Broken Ladder Apples bottles will be available in liquor stores throughout BC and Alberta.

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